"If you pick up a starving dog
and make him prosperous,
he will not bite you;
that is the principal difference between a dog and a man."

                                                        -Mark Twain.

Welcome to Kentuckiana Boxer Rescue

If you are interested in adopting a dog, please fill out the form below, the information provided will be kept in confidence and only used to determine the suitability of the potential home. Here is a list of the steps we observe in placing our "friends".

Step 1: Complete our on-line adoption application. You must answer all questions, use as much detail as you need. You also must include your physical home address, not a Post Office Box address.

Step 2: You will be contacted by a representative via e-mail to discuss your application. You should expect to answer more questions regarding your application. Our dogs are placed into the most suitable home for each animal.

Step 3: After the initial contact mentioned above and if you are approved to move forward with an adoption you will be put in contact with the home visit coordinator. At that time a volunteer will come to your home to meet with your family. Once you are approved, you must be willing to travel to the home of the foster family. You also must schedule a time when your entire family can be present to meet and interact with the dog.

 Section I: Applicant Info
Applicant Name:
Email address:
Home phone:
Work phone:
City, State, Zip:  
 Section II: Household Info
Total number of people in home:
Please list names and ages of other people living in the home:
Do you own or rent your home?   Own    Rent
If you rent, please list your landlord's name, phone and address so we can verify you have permission to keep a pet at this address.
Landlord's name:        Landlord's phone:
How many years have you been at your current address:
Do you have any intention of moving from this address in the next year: Yes   No
Is there a fenced area at this location? Yes    No
If yes, what type of fencing, and how big?:
May we visit your home before and after you adopt a dog? Yes    No
Is anyone in your home allergic to animals?:
Yes, someone in the household is allergic to animals.
No, no one in the household is allergic to animals.
 Section III: Other/ Prior Pets
Do you have pets currently? If so please list breed, sex and age of each:
Are your current pets spayed or neutered?: Yes  No
If your current pets are not spayed or neutered, why?
Have you had other pets in the past?: Yes  No
Did you ever give up a pet?: Yes  No
If yes, what happened to those pets?

 Section IV: Animal Specific Data
What animal are you interested in adopting (name)?:
Why do you want to adopt a dog?:
What are your plans for this dog?:
This dog will be a pet.
For guarding my home or office.
I would like a dog for breeding.
Other. Please describe:

Have you ever owned a dog before?: Yes  No
If so what happened to the dog?:

Would the dog be kept at the same address listed above?
If adopted, where will this dog sleep at night?
Who will feed, excercise and train the dog?:
How many hours will the dog be alone each day?:
Where will the dog be kept during the day?:
Who will take care of the dog in your absence (vacations, emergencies)?:
Are you willing to attend an obedience class?:
Yes  No
Do you currently have a veterinarian?
Yes  No
If you do have a veterinarian please list their name, city and phone with area code:
If you do not have a veterinarian, how do you plan to find one?:
 Section V: Additional Information
How long do you plan to keep this dog?:
How did you find out about us?:
I found you on a web search engine.
I found you on a web site link.
I found you in a newspaper ad.
I found you in a magazine ad.
I found you by word of mouth.
Other. Please describe:

Any additional comments or questions:

Security Code:   
By clicking on "Submit Application" I am agreeing that the above information is true and correct and understand that this information will be included with my adoption contract and if found to be untrue at any time (even following adoption) the dog may be reclaimed at no expense to Kentuckiana Boxer Rescue Further, by applying for the adoption of a dog I hereby give permission to my Veterinarian, my personal reference and landlord (if applicable) to disclose information to Kentuckiana Boxer Rescue. I understand that incomplete applications will not be processed.

PLEASE NOTE: The dogs leaving the care of the volunteers at KBR are not warranted.  These are living creatures. When the animals come into care, many times they are very thin, most have fleas, intestinal parasite, etc.

Extreme cases, which we get each year, are those that come in with heart worms, or generalized demodex, a form of mange that causes hair loss on many parts of the body, physical injury cases, dogs that have come into care with bladder crystals the size of golf balls... The health care needs are various and many times complicated.  When we adopt a dog into a home, we share with the families everything we know about the dog.  We share anything the surrendering party has shared with us, anything that we have noticed as relevant while in care, anything related to the veterinary care provided, etc.  Routinely, all dogs are provided a rabies vaccine, a DHPP vaccine, a heart worm test/screening and prevention while in care, monthly flea prevention, at least one deworming for intestinal parasites and spay.neuter,

The surrendering party has sometimes provided in part or whole those same services.  We try to make sure all issues have been addressed prior to adoption, however, sometimes there are health issues that are unknown or undetected while in care.  We do not routinely test for congenital defects or inherited diseases.  We will however, investigate and provide care for anything that we identify as an issue that is detected by the volunteers or the veterinary clinic.  

If you are interested in a dog that we have in care but are concerned with respect to known issues with a respective breed and would like further screening or testing performed, we will be happy to have our vet perform those services - at your expense and prior to adoption.  Payment will need to be made prior to adoption and directly to our veterinarian. There will be no refund if you chose to decline to adopt the dog.  We want to make available to you the opportunity to have all testing desired completed.  Our rescue is small and run soley by the efforts of a collective unit of canine enthusiasts and those who chose to assist the canines in need of rehoming.

That being said, it is understandable that our financial resources are focused on the presenting issues of the dogs while in care and not the breed afflictions in general.

By submitting your application you acknowledge the above and wish to move forward with the adoption process.

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